Greneta is a 97sqm (1044 sq ft) apartment, partially renovated by the Fredéric Flanquart Studio in 2011.

Located in the heart of Paris, the apartment enjoys some attractive characteristics enhanced by the Studio: It is located in an older, charming building with a living-room/dining-room area overlooking an enclosed courtyard lined with trees.  Despite having such qualities, elegance and scale were missing. The owner, an active man who loves to host, desired a Parisian-Haussmannian style with a subtle modernity.

The Studio completely transformed the flat: the entrance, the hallway, the living room and the dining room were renovated in a manly, harmonious and quite neutral spirit.

Frédéric Flanquart glorified the traditional atmosphere and inspired a modern touch creating a living space that transcends time. The grey and red rooms are thus more illuminated and more spacious. The choice of designer furniture and the clever distribution of the decorating elements helped to highlight the beauty of every piece in the room. The thick Taffeta curtains alternate with the paintings and the contemporary frames.  The original Point de Hongrie wooden floor magnificently complements the graphic dining room, the patterned rug and the curved smoked-glass coffee table.  The Studio even managed to majestify the grand marble fireplace in the living room in this fine modern and classic mix.