Studio I.

The ‘Studio des Innocents’ is a 22m2 apartment created by Frédéric Flanquart in 2010, as part of a project for the complete renovation of a building in the heart of Paris.

This charming studio apartment, designed for rental use, boasted traditional framework and a fantastic view of the city, overlooking monuments such as the Saint Jacques tower and Notre Dame. Unfortunately, a fire in 2007 led to the destruction of most of the building.

Frédéric Flanquart was able to give back to the apartment the character and distinction it deserved. Renovated in a way that accentuates light, the studio’s visible wooden beams were sanded down then varnished, creating a graphical ambiance with the ceiling lines and garrets. The solid oak wood flooring, laid diagonally, is in keeping with the warm, welcoming and traditional environment. The rest of the studio is built in a modern and refined style, suited to the tastes of different tenants. The made to measure kitchen is a zen-inspired and airy white, equipped with a chic, grey-mirrored credenza. The main room is optimized thanks to the construction of a bed built into the wall,made to look like a wardrobe, allowing the living room to double up as a bedroom. The studio furniture and bookshelves, also made to measure, reflect the apartment’s modern vibe and stand out with a touch of orange, the studio’s only bright colour.

The bathroom works in coherence with the rest of the studio, with its colour coordinated radiator and basin unit. The shower, enclosed by glass panels, is entirely surfaced with elegant monochrome grey mosaic.

The ‘Studio des Innocents’ is henceforth not only functional, but also a beautiful living space for privileged tenants.