Entire renovation of a 120m2 optician’s boutique

In order to renovate this 120m2 unit, Frédéric Flanquart brilliantly played with and combined the nobility of leather with the natural beauty of wood.

Evoking a soothing and geometric ambiance, the boutique makes the visitor eager to discover more. Illuminated grooves in the ceiling are distributed in a way that seems to entice visitors towards the display stands.

The latter, featuring padded leather backgrounds, are framed with laminated Zebrano, enhancing the variety of spectacles on display.

Frédéric Flanquart decided to create space by making straight lines a principal feature. The consoles and the light wood leather sofas work in harmony with the refined and uncluttered style of the boutique.

The flooring creates relief due to the combination of natural slate tiling and Hungarian oak, laid in neat right angles.